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Chromium Powder

High Purity Chromium Powder

Exotech produces Chromium metal powder in purities ranging from 99.7% to 99.98% and particle sizes ranging from 0.5mm to -325 mesh (-45 microns). Our Chromium powder manufacturing equipment has the flexibility to produce customer specified particle size distributions and densities.

Exotech also has the unique ability to manufacture high purity Chromium powder from recycled (used) Chromium sputter targets with minimal added trace metal contamination.

We maintain inventories of:

  • 0.5-1.5mm and 1-3mm
  • 2-4mm and 4-6mm
  • -50 mesh (-300 micron)
  • -100 mesh (-150 micron)
  • -150 mesh (-106 micron)
  • -200 mesh (-75 micron)
  • -270 mesh (-53 micron)
  • -325 mesh (-45 micron)

Custom sizing and Particle Size Distribution are available upon request.

The majority of Exotech produced Chromium powder is used for the manufacturing of sputter targets via Hot Isostatic Processing, as an ingredient in thermal spray powders, and as a component of high temperature Chromium/Copper electrical contacts.

Exotech’s Chrome powder production capacity is 20,000 kg/month.

The quality and consistency of our Chromium powder is what makes Exotech unique.  Our manufacturing process employs a variety of equipment, including jaw crushers, impact mills, ultrasonic and vibratory screening equipment, and blending equipment. Because of the unique materials used in the construction of our equipment, products made from Exotech produced Chromium powder are of a higher purity than any other commercially produced Chromium product and are free of voids and pull outs. Each lot’s purity is certified from both in-house and outside analysis using ICP, LECO and GDMS.

The Exotech powdering process is based upon impact milling in a controlled materials environment. This produces a consistent quality product with a chemistry virtually unchanged from the feed material. Custom particle distribution can be achieved by a combination of our multi-stage vibratory screener units and our V-blender homogenizer

Exotech has developed a process to recycle used Chromium sputter targets where virtually no additional contamination is introduced. When allowed by the customer, the use of recycled targets helps to keep the price of our Chromium metal powder amongst the lowest in the industry.

We are constantly exceeding the standards for the demanding sputter target needs of the data storage, flat panel display, and solar industries for high purity Chromium metal powder. Exotech is also developing new application parameters for our powder’s use in thermal spray, electrical contact and several proprietary new applications of Chromium.

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