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Exotech Buys and Sells Hafnium

Hafnium Scrap & Hafnium Alloy Scrap

Hafnium (Hf) is a chemical element with atomic number 72. It is a transition metal that looks like a lustrous silvery-gray metal. The thing about hafnium is that it is almost always with zirconium. It even looks like it. However, their resemblance goes beyond physical appearance. They are loosely interchanged and are found together because they have the same valence electrons. They are also found in the same group on the periodic table which means that they have the almost the same properties. Moreover, the physical properties of hafnium are largely affected by zirconium.

On the other hand, there are still differences between hafnium and zirconium and it is important to take note of it. Yes, they are largely the same and their similarities make it difficult to set them apart literally, but if they were the same element then they could have just had the same atomic number. This is obviously not the case since zirconium has an atomic number of 40. One difference between the two is that they have different densities. Zirconium has half the density of hafnium. Another difference is in their nuclear properties. The former is used for the metals found in nuclear reactors while the latter is used in neutron capture cross-sections because it readily absorbs neutrons.

When it comes to hafnium scrap and hafnium alloy scrap, they are still heavily attached to zirconium. This is due to the fact that they are created from those two elements. Before they become scrap metals, they have a ratio of 50:1 in ores. Once they both become scrap metals, hafnium scrap and hafnium alloy scrap retain its property of being able to endure high temperatures. This property makes it more useful in recycling processes.

Hafnium Has a Multitude of Uses

There are many uses of these scrap metals. They can be used as superalloys and as a control rod material found in nuclear reactors. If needed, it can also act as a “scavenger metal” that absorbs both oxygen and nitrogen. They can even be used in microprocessors, but the good thing about it is you do not need large amounts of the metal. You only need small quantities of it. To add to that, the element can be utilized as an electrode in the plasma cutting. With these uses, hafnium scrap and alloy scrap is pretty much needed regardless of the fact that it is the 45th most abundant element found in the Earth’s crust. Are you interested in talking with Exotech about Hafnium? You can get more information by clicking HERE.


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