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Processing exotic scrap metal into raw materials


Exotech purchases a wide variety of Ta and Ta Alloy scrap including solids, turnings, powders, grindings and residues. We have the ability to physically and chemically process pure and alloy Tantalum scrap where it has been bonded/clad or contaminated by other metals.

Chromium Powder

Exotech is a primary manufacturer of Chromium powder. We produce Chromium metal powder in purities ranging from 99.7% to 99.98% and particle sizes ranging from 0.5mm to -325 mesh (-45 microns). Our Chromium powder manufacturing equipment has the flexibility to produce customer specified particle size distribution and densities with powder production capacity at ~20,000 kg/month. Exotech has the unique ability to manufacture high purity Chromium powder from recycled (used) Chromium sputter targets with minimal added trace metal contamination.


Niobium is another interesting metal that lends itself to being recycled if you have the appropriate equipment. Exotech has that equipment. This allows us to purchase pure and alloy scrap Niobium solids, turnings, clad and contaminated materials, and residues.

Molybdenum & Tungsten

Molybdenum scrap and Tungsten scrap are widely used high temperature metals in both the pure and alloy forms. If properly prepared, pure and alloy Moly scrap and pure and alloy Tungsten scrap, can be successfully recycled into many alloys and chemicals. Where justified, coatings, residues and cladding metals can be removed by Exotech to allow for the highest recycle value.

Zirconium, Hafnium, and Vanadium

Zirconium, Hafnium, and Vanadium scrap are not common scrap metals. However, when available as scrap metal, Exotech has the capacity to process them into usable forms for recycle. Currently Exotech is annually recycling tonnage quantities of these truly exotic metals.

Indium & Germanium

Germanium scrap and Indium scrap are rare scrap metals generated by the electronics and optics industries. Buying, processing and selling of these recycled metals is one of Exotech’s specialties.

Sputter Target Recycling

Sputter Target Recycling

Exotech purchases used sputter targets and production sputter target scrap from sputter target manufacturers, target users and bond shops, as well as traders/dealers on a worldwide basis. Exotech has the knowledge and expertise to utilize the high purity and unique alloy combinations common to this industry. This has made Exotech one of the largest recyclers of sputter target materials in the world.

Random Scrap

Other Exotic Metals

In addition to the exotic metals already listed, Exotech processes and recycles Titanium, Nickel, Cobalt and their alloys as well as Rhenium and Ruthenium.

Trusted & Respected

Since being established in 1990 Exotech has become a Trusted & Respected leader in the exotic metal recycling industry.

Fully Independent, and Debt Free

Exotech owns all 3 processing facilities, all of its equipment and 100% of its inventory with no outside debt or financing. We are financially strong and ready for new opportunities.

Family Owned & Operated

Exotech is proud to say that it’s been a family owned and operated business since we first opened our doors in 1990.

Do you know where your metals are going?

Do you know where your metals are going? Cut out the middle-man. When working with EXOTECH you deal directly with the processor.

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