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Manufacturing Chromium Powder for Sputter Targets

A sputtering target is used to make thin films through a process called sputter deposition. The process takes a solid material, breaks it down into small particles using gaseous ions, and then sprays it onto another material. This process is often used to make computer chips and semiconductors, and it often uses Chromium powder. The […]

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Battery Charging Could Become Faster Thanks to Cheap Materials

Scientists have recently determined that a new group of cheap materials may actually hold the key to faster battery charging. If further testing shows this to be true, it’s possible that smartphones and other devices could go from very low battery to completely full in only a few minutes. The implications for these materials go […]

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Milestone For Tantalum & Niobium Industry

September 10th, 2018 was a day of recognition and victory for both Dr. Yuri Freeman and Tantalum-Niobium International Study Center (T.I.C). Dr. Freeman was named this year’s winner of the medal of Anders Gustaf Ekeberg Tantalum Prize while T.I.C celebrated yet another achievement in tantalum research. T.I.C. is the global trade body representing the tantalum […]

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Chemical Processing Metals at Exotech

In 2012, after Exotech purchased its second building, adjacent to main its facility, Exotech engineers started plans for an expanded metal cleaning and processing chemical line. The ability to clean, process and recycle rare and exotic metals, such as Tantalum scrap, Niobium scrap, Hafnium scrap, Germanium Scrap and Indium scrap has always been a mainstay […]

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The demands of the Dodd-Frank Act and the mandates of the EICC/GeSi program (collectively called the protocols as stated in http://www.resolv.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Smelter-Intro-Training_Final1_04_07_2012.pdf ) create many ‘grey’ areas for the scrap metal processor of ‘The 3 T’s and Gold’. The 3 T’s are Tin, Tungsten, and Tantalum. The EICC Code of Conduct is spelled out in http://www.responsiblebusiness.org/media/docs/EICCCodeofConduct5_English.pdf […]

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The Big Tantalum Recovery

  One of Mark Gussack’s fondest stories that he tells at Exotech, is of the ingenuity to recover Tantalum from a difficult source. The story goes back over 20 years ago. In the late 1970’s, DuPont had built a new facility to produce Carbon Tetrachloride, a common cleaning fluid at the time. Shortly after the […]

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Manufacturing High Purity Chromium Powder at Exotech

The first step in converting Chrome ore into Electrolytic Chromium Metal is to dissolve Chrome ore in a solution suitable for the electrolytic process. The two most common types of solution are Chrome Alum Sulfate and Chromic Acid. The first is what is known as the trivalent process and the second is the hexavalent process. […]

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Exotech’s Five Basic Activity Areas

recycle for the environment

Exotech manufactures high purity Chromium powder for the sputter target, electrical contact and thermal spray industries. In addition to primary virgin Chromium, we purchase used Chromium sputter targets. Primary Chromium is purchased in the form of flakes, ‘eggs’ and chunks. We process the virgin Chromium metal and scrap Chromium targets into powder by chemical and […]

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sputter target

INDUSTRY NEED FOR USED TANTALUM TARGETS Selling used (scrap) Tantalum sputter targets into the scrap metal market for recycling creates an important source of Tantalum metal for the needs of industry. If this supply were not available, industry would have to purchase only virgin Tantalum from the Tantalum metal producers, thus eliminating competition from an […]

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The World of Tungsten


Tungsten, while a relatively rare and exotic metal, is used in many products that we encounter every day. Tungsten is both very heavy and very hard. Most of its applications stem from those two properties. It is also reasonably priced compared to the price of other rare and exotic metals. Its price is substantially below […]

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