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Buying and Selling Tantalum from Exotech

Buy and Sell Tantalum

Exotech purchases a wide variety of Ta and Ta Alloy scrap including solids, turnings, powders, grindings and residues. We have the ability to physically and chemically process pure and alloy Tantalum scrap where it has been bonded/clad or contaminated by other metals.

Our specialties include buying Tantalum used sputter targets, scrap stampings and skeletons, turnings, anodes, furnace scrap, off grade or contaminated Tantalum powders, sludges, and other residues.

Exotech capabilities include in house thermal, chemical and mechanical capabilities for removal of solder, diffusion bonded backing plates, and other forms of contamination.

Purchasing Tantalum from Exotech

Exotech supplies Ta for the most critical alloying applications for the aerospace, electronic and medical industries. Our products can be customized to meet size, shape, and purity requirements. Purities range from 99.9% – 99.99%.

The 99.99%+ purity Tantalum melt stock we sell is critical for the single crystal aerospace and alloy addition industries, and is approved at most of the major alloy melting facilities around the world.

Exotech is approved as an EICC/GeSI Conflict-Free Smelter (CFS). See our current EICC (CFS) Certification.

Synthetic Tantalum Concentrate

Exotech has developed a unique process to convert Ta bearing materials into a synthetic Tantalum concentrate. Refinery items used as feed for our process (input) include slags, off-spec powders, residues/sludges, and highly contaminated Tantalum turnings and solids.

Our uniform, free flowing, non-radioactive, and highly concentrated (70%+ Ta2O5) Synthetic Concentrate is widely accepted by Tantalum manufacturers around the world as a premium substitute for Tantalum ore.