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Exotech Buys and Sells Niobium

Exotech Buys and Sells Niobium

Niobium Metal 

Niobium (Nb) is a transition metal that is white, shiny, and ductile. Oftentimes, it is a silvery metal that looks like tantalum. It has 18 known isotopes and is said to be found in carbonatites or carbon-silicate rocks. Canada, Russia, Nigeria, and Brazil are some of the countries abundant in this element.

The discovery of niobium started when John Winthrop sent an ore he found in Massachusetts to England. It sat in the British Museum for about 67 years until it was assessed by Charles Hatchet in 1801. In his tests, he found a new element in the ore and he named it “columbium”. This was from Columbia, America’s poetic name. A few years after, an English chemist named William Hyde Wollaston tested the element again and found out that it was just tantalum. However, there were two distinct elements in tantalum and only in 1844 did the actual niobium materialize. What happened was Heinrich Rose, who was working with tantalum, was able to separate the elements making it up and found out that tantalum was made from noibic acid and pelopic acid. The former was then coined to be niobium.

Niobium has several uses as a transition metal. Since it is what it is, it can assume mechanical properties and superconducting properties when exposed to high temperatures. The most important property of the metal is that it is a superconductor. It can be an alloying element in superalloys and in a number of different types of steel. It can be used as a superconductor magnet for scientific and medical purposes. It takes the form of niobium-zirconium in strong magnetic areas. When harnessed and developed, scientists claim that it can aid in large-scale power generation. Another use for it is that when it is put with thin sheets of optics and glass, it can give off anti-reflective and scratch-resistant properties.

Exotech has a substantial supply of pure niobium that you can purchase at a reasonable price. It has pure niobium for superalloys that has a vacuum grade of 99.8%, CVD, and other needs. You can also purchase air melt grade.

Exotech can also give toll conversions for your niobium-containing scrap or secondary raw materials. This is to promote recycling of the element that eventually reduces the purchase of more raw materials. They also have a service wherein they give certification for destruction services.

The company ensures that through their recycling system and scrap metal business, they will be able to supply orders on niobium and the other metals mentioned above. Their production is very stable and it has a steady supply of transition metals. Because of their own production, they can give more competitive prices to their customers. Furthermore, their metals are legally produced and extracted, so you can be guaranteed that no harm was created to produce such elements.