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Sputter Target Recycling & Sputter Target Scrap Services

Sputter Target Recycling

Exotech purchases sputter target scrap from manufacturers, sputter target users, bond shops and traders/dealers from around the world. Through 25 years of recycling sputter target materials, Exotech has the knowledge and expertise to utilize the high purity and unique alloys common to this industry. This allows Exotech to pay the highest prices, while recycling in an environmentally responsible manner.

Thermal, Chemical and Mechanical de-bonding are all in-house to strip/remove solder and de-bond backing plates. Each target will be analyzed and sorted in-house.

Items we regularly purchase as spent targets and production scrap:

  • Tantalum, Ta/Al, Ta/Ni and other Ta alloys
  • Chromium, Cr/Ta/Ti, Cr/Mo, Cr/W and other Cr alloys
  • Cobalt, Co/Cr, Co/Cr/Ta, Co/Fe, Co/Zr/Ta, and other Co alloys
  • Indium Tin Oxide – ITO, Indium, In/Sn, In containing solders
  • Nickel, Ni/V, Ni/Cr, Ni/W, Ni/Fe, and other Ni alloys
  • Titanium, Ti/Al, and other Ti alloys
  • Tungsten, W/Ti and other W alloys
  • Molybdenum, Mo/Ta, Mo alloys
  • Niobium, Silicon, Hafnium and Vanadium
  • Ruthenium, Germanium
  • Pure and alloys of Pt, Re, Ir, and Rh


Exotech provides the necessary logistics for the packaging and shipping of spent targets and production scrap.

New and unusual types of sputter target alloys are constantly arriving at Exotech. Our business is based on finding the right method to recycle these unique alloys.